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The philosophy of The Hellbound Web (THW) is based in Order. Leviathan is a perfect, crystalline hexahedron; THW should be as a symmetrical shard of that flawless deity. Unnecessary information, untruths, clichés, rumors, and opinions are agents of Chaos and will only be tolerated in appropriate areas. The Information section is to be used by the uniformed; the Interact section is for human visitors only; The Shoppe is to be used to quell capitalist urges; Elsewhere will direct you to other places on the web. All other sections (Encyclopædia, Multimedia, The Library, Collectibles, and Influence) will reflect the sublime order of the Labyrinth. If things seem confusing, simply seek out theHELP button at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to help, please click on the button at the bottom of appropriate pages.


THW began life as a simple ASCII file. It was inspired by Stephen J. Spignesi's ambitious book The Shape Under the Sheet: The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia. Here's an excerpt:

Ancient THW

CHATTERER     (Nicholas Vince: I, II) Brown colored mute Cenobite whose teeth click together because of wires stretching his mouth to the side. Third Cenobite to be killed by Dr. Channard. Was a child before becoming a Cenobite.

This proto-encyclopedia was originally destined for the Usenet group alt.horror. Instead, over a period of years, the file mutated and grew, eventually and inevitably expanding onto the web. THW has been online since October 1995.


THW has been created on several different computers. It began life on an IBM 486/25, moved to a university's Mac PowerPC, was transferred to a P1-133 named Lucifer, and currently resides on Morpheus, a homemade Athlon 800.

Graphics are handled with Adobe Photoshop. HTML is handled both with notepad and Dreamweaver 4.


THW generates no profit. Any funds accrued from The Shoppe are used to cover the cost of domain registration and web hosting.  Financial records starting in Q1 2000 can be found here.


Only one person maintains this site. Read about him here.