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 What to Submit 

HTML An essay that is:
  • A scholarly examination of some aspect of Hellraiser, or
  • A scholarly examination of some aspect of the horror genre that uses Hellraiser as a major example

HTMLs (webpages) are preferred, and will guarantee that your formatting is preserved exactly. Please don't use MS Office to create webpages (too much MS-only code).
TXTs (plain text files) are acceptable, but will be given a basic conversion to HTML.

TXT A plain text file containing:
  • Your name (real or Internet or both)
  • Your email address
  • Name of the essay
  • A description of why you wrote the essay and what it was used for (for class, a lecture, etc. see Essays for examples)

TXTs are preferred.

 What Not to Submit 

  • DOCs (Microsoft Word files). These are a pain to convert to proper HTML
  • Fiction (there is already a section for this)
  • Bad essays. Unlike FanFiction, I'm picky about Essays.

 How to Submit 

I would prefer that you upload your files to my FTP server. Use one of these three methods:


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