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 What to Submit 

MP3 An original song that contains:
  • Hellraiser samples, and/or
  • Lyrics that reference Hellraiser

MP3s are preferred.
MODs and MIDIs are acceptable.

TXT A plain text file containing:
  • Your name (real or Internet or both)
  • Your email address
  • Name of your song
  • Name of the album your song comes from (if any)

TXTs are preferred.

 What Not to Submit 

  • Commercially released songs. If you don't own the copyright, I don't want it
  • Non-Hellraiser songs
  • Songs you've previously composed and simply renamed with a Hellraiser-related title

 How to Submit 

I would prefer that you upload your files to my FTP server. Use one of these three methods:


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